zondag 29 maart 2020

Alice through the looking glass

Are you all mad Here???

Here is my blogpost.

Alice through the looking glass.

I made this art journal page with the lovely alice.
Let me tell you a story. 

Come with me down the rabbit Hole,
 and hurry hurry it's Time its almost Time.....

In Alice her head it was blanco, she didn't remember beeing down the rabbithole.
My journal page was as blanco as Alice her memory.
So i will take you on the journy of how i created this page.

Back to the beginning....

At first there was a glorious new paper line from Stamperia, they were on the show at create and craft tv with Lisa Horton ( the Magician).
She launched some real amazing craft supplies. Also she has these beautifull daisy burst stamps and dies.  Okay i am drifting of.  
I used one of the beautiful papers from the stamperia paper stack an gave it a place in the centre of this nice art journal.

Let me take you further down the rabbit hole.

nd there they were sitting at the table drinking from lovely tea cups.
I cut out one of the pictures from the stamperia papers and glued it in my book.

And then....

I used the lovely new stencil from Lisa (the Magician) and coloured it with dylusions paints.

I cut out the lovely daisy burst border and a few flowers from the daisy burst die set.
Both of them are cut out the papers of stamperia.

And as you can see on the left of the page i used this lovely stamp who will be coming soon.

It's always

And they were having the time of their life, as the time was ticking slowly by.

Thank you for reading my story.
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donderdag 5 maart 2020

Friday march 6 at 7pm facebook live

Hello hello

I will be doing another facebook live. At 7pm on march 6.

Join me when i make a card with the lovely sugar stamp


You can watch it via the link above.

I hope you will join me.

Xxx have a lovely evening

Natasja Boseker

maandag 20 januari 2020

Hello Everyone

Dit is mijn eerste blogpost hier als DT member van Lisa Horton Crafts.

Hello Everyone This is my first blog post here as a DT member of Lisa Horton Crafts.

Ik heb een luciferdoosje gemaakt met de mooie producten van Lisa.


I made a matchbox with the beautiful products from Lisa.

The products I have used are:  

De producten die ik heb gebruikt zijn:

Lisa  Horton Products :

-In the loop DL Stamp Set

-In the Loop Craft Die Set

-Ticker Phrases DL Stamps

- Sisal

-Paper Pack Bali

-Mermaid Glitter

-Mdf Heart

Other products I used are:

- a big matchbox ( if you don’t have one just find a printable online and print that on thick paper)

- A sharpie: Black

- Acrylic Paint.


- Structure Paste

-hole punch tool


Als eerste heb ik het Mdf hart bewerkt met gesso (iets wat ik met alle Mdf producten zelf doe). Daarna heb ik rechtsboven in de hoek met structuurpasta een laag aangbracht en ook rondom aan de randjes. Dat heb ik opzettelijk gedroogd met de heat tool zodat het bol gaat staan. Dat moet je rustig laten drogen en dan pas verder werken met verf erop.

Ondertussen kun je vast een strook afknippen van papier en ik heb op het stukje papier nog met de Loop Stamp gestempeld met een lichte kleur. En daarna heb ik het papier om de buitenkant van het doosje geplakt. Dan kun je beginnen met de buitenkant te versieren. Ik heb gekozen voor huisjes maar het kunnen ook bloemen zijn of wat je leuk vindt.

Met de Sisal kun je de binnenkant bekleden, maar vergeet niet eerst twee gaatjes te maken met de ponstang voor de touwtjes. Ik heb tussen de sisal nog lijm gedaan en daaroverheen de Magical Mermaid tails glitter gestrooid.

Nu weer terug bij het hart die inmiddels wel droog genoeg is om verder op te werken.

Met de Acrylverf heb ik het hart versierd en later heb ik ook nog de mooie Magical Mermaid Tails glitter toegevoegd aan een kant. En ik heb er met een van de structuur stempels die bij de In The Loop Stamp set zitten nog wat op gestempeld. Daarna de randen geaccentueerd met de sharpie, en de achterkant daar heb ik ook nog een huisje getekend. Nog even een stempel van de Ticker Phrases Stamp Set.

En Voila je luciferdoosje is klaar.


At first, I edited the Mdf heart with gesso (something I do with all Mdf products myself). Then I applied a layer in the top right corner with textured paste and also around the edges. 

I intentionally dried that with the heat tool so that it becomes full. After that you should let it dry slowly and then continue working with paint on it.

In the meantime you can probably cut a strip of paper that matches the outside of the matchbox, and I have stamped the piece of paper with the Loop Stamp with a light color. And then I stuck the paper around the outside of the box.

Then you can start decorating the outside. I have chosen to draw houses but they can also be flowers or whatever you like. With the Sisal you can cover the inside, but don't forget to make two holes first with the punch rod for the strings. I put some glue between the sisal and sprinkled the Magical Mermaid tails glitter over it.

Now back to the heart, which is now dry enough to work on. 

With the acrylic paint I decorated the heart and later I also added the beautiful Magical Mermaid Tails glitter on one side. And I stamped some of it with one of the structure stamps that come with the In The Loop Stamp set. Then I accentuated the edges with the sharpie, and the back there I also drew a house. Just take as last a stamp from the Ticker Phrases Stamp Set.

And Voila your matchbox is ready.

I hope you like it and come over on the facebook live on the 17th January at 10am then I will show you live how I made it.

The live video link:
Matchbox live video tutorial

below there is a downloadable template you can use.

I wish you a lovely day and hope to see you soon.

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donderdag 16 januari 2020

Hello everyone 
I have some exiting news Tomorow I will be doing my first facebook Live.

Tune in tomorrow at 10 am i will be doing a facebook live, i will be using the gorgeous goodies from @lisahortoncrafts 

So share and tune in and i hope to see you tomorrow at the facebook group Crafting with Lisa Horton 

I hope you will tune in and if you cant see the live stream you can always be a member of the group.

woensdag 8 januari 2020

Lisa Horton Crafts

I just want to share these sneak peaks of the new craft goodies that are coming soon. On 20 January on create and craft tv there will be the first release. Join us on our facebook group Lisa Horton's Craft
And if we reach a 1000 members there will be a giveaway of the new products.

Have a lovely day.
Love @bobomadeby 

Hello everyone.

I want to wish everyone a wonderfull Christmas and i wish you all an amazing new year.

Sending everyone a lots of hugs amd love.


dinsdag 26 november 2019

Christmas cards

Hier is mijn eerste echte blog post.

Deze kerstkaart heb ik gemaakt voor het design team Julia's Dames.

Voor de kaart heb ik het stencil lovely lady's and men gebruikt.
En voor de achtergrond heb ik een van de nieuwe stencils gebruikt, de snowman.

Bedankt voor het bezoeken van mijn blog.

Ik wens jou nog een hele fijne dag.

Neem ook eens een kijkje op mijn instagram, facebook of youtube.

Liefs Natasja @bobomadeby

Here is my first real blog post.

I made this Christmas card for the Julia's Ladies design team.

I used the lovely lady's and men stencil for the card.

And for the background I used one of the new stencils, the snowman.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I wish you a very nice day.

Also take a look at my instagram, facebook or youtube.

Love Natasja @bobomadeby